Benefits of an Anonymous Suggestion Box

Benefits of an Anonymous Suggestion Box

Do you wonder what it would be like to be a part of a team and freely share your thoughts and suggestions to improve the team's everyday work environment? Where your feedback gets consideration, and do leaders put work into fixing the things that matter most to you and your team? This is the best way to boost a team's morale; making your employees feel heard is very important in achieving a team's success. 

It is vital to get comprehensive employee feedback because it can influence culture, growth, retention, and how much your employees enjoy coming to work. People's morale may be affected if they cannot provide feedback or don't feel their feedback is being addressed. Feeling disconnected or unappreciated could lead to them losing engagement.

Remote teams now more than ever need to try out Incognito for Slack and leverage some of the many benefits of the anonymous suggestion box. The privacy held within the teams on their regular shared feedback does weigh a lot on the leader's shoulders, which will lead to leaders being more invested in the anonymous feedback and their suggestions from their team via our app; all this is made for only one goal, better feedback culture, and a better workplace environment.  

Anonymous suggestions box workplace benefits 

At Incognito, we believe in equality of opinion, safety in honesty, and empowering everyone. This leads you to understand that anonymous feedback holds a lot of power in improving and upgrading your feedback culture. We believe it so much, it’s in our main call to action!

“Upgrade Your Feedback Culture”

Anonymity gives employees the confidence they might not have when providing public feedback, which is valid for many reasons. Employees step back and avoid “office conflict” by not sharing their genuine opinions. This is true only because they do not want to get “punished” by leaders and face the “hard feelings” of their colleagues. By implementing this feedback method, you show your team that you care about what they have to share and work on that. By doing so, you improve your team in every professional area and get better overall work results. 

Its best feature is that it matches every possible use case. In your already created Slack channel for your team, you can adjust the anonymous suggestion box based on your team's style. The list of the use cases of this app is very long. The most popular use cases are as follows:

  • Public town hall questions 

Known as "all-hands" meetings, town halls are gatherings where the team can hear the latest news, discuss challenges, stay informed, and offer ideas. During these sessions, you can discuss important topics and engage with people you don't work closely with. After your meeting, you can share your ideas or concerns using the anonymous suggestions box. 

Organizations that regularly host town hall meetings with their teams can also benefit from anonymous suggestion boxes. Many companies use a Question and Answer (Q&A) format for their town hall meetings and steer clear of asking open-ended questions for fear of receiving vague or unclear responses.

Instead, ask your team members to submit questions in an anonymous suggestion box as a way to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to have their voice heard. This will also decrease the chance of team members feeling overwhelmed or pressured in front of their peers.

Once your company has selected a few questions from the box, it could be the perfect time to institute a 5-minute rule – allowing team members 5 minutes (or less) to answer each question during the town hall meeting.

By promoting an open discussion, you’ll be able to get your team members’ feedback and insight on the questions at hand and then better understand what action steps need to be taken to improve the situation.

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  • Private HR/policy feedback 

This is a very important aspect for every team. The company's culture rules and policies vary and differ from one company to another. HR holds a lot of essential aspects within the company for which every team member has an opinion or suggestion. The best way to share is via your anonymous suggestions box. 

In a recent study of 5,695 participants, 8 out of 10 employees surveyed said that if they were to make a suggestion about how to improve their company’s culture, workplace, or policies and procedures, they would feel more comfortable sharing this with HR or management anonymously than if it were to be shared publicly with their coworkers.

While anonymous suggestion box may seem like a foreign concept in the workplace, this type of feedback can be incredibly beneficial to organizations and their employees. As stated by David Bragdon, former executive director of the National Partnership for Excellence in Human Resources, “An anonymous paper suggestion box can be an inexpensive way to open the channels of communication between you and your employees without fear. It can be an effective tool in recruiting the best-qualified people you want to work for your organization and getting them to stay.”

In other words, they are an excellent tool for collecting employee feedback without putting anyone on the spot or making anyone uncomfortable.

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  • Private leadership feedback 

By now, we understand that feedback helps employees achieve their goals, and the characteristic of a good leader is that they help the team grow and learn for the better. When reflecting on yourself as a team member, receiving private leadership feedback is a crucial element. 

In the workplace, employee-to-supervisor or employee-to-employee feedback is often an uncomfortable thought. But when a two-way feedback process is established, it can help to improve the work environment.

Formal feedback means that employees are comfortable sharing their opinions and that the company cares about what they think. Employees will be more motivated to build stronger relationships with their coworkers and managers.

The feedback that is traditionally anonymous can be a great way to get honest feedback, given the feeling of security it affords. It can also encourage people to share their opinions without fear of repercussion. This type of feedback not only improves morale but also allows managers to make better decisions based on factual information.

Employees want to know that their voices will be heard and that their employers are willing to take action on problems that are brought up. If workers feel like their feedback is ignored or brushed aside, then their willingness to give feedback will decrease and morale will erode. By allowing employees several ways of giving feedback, you will have a better sense of what your team is thinking.

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  • Privately raise sensitive topics/concerns.

There are endless ways to address sensitive and concerning topics within the workplace, but no one of them is as effective as privately raising such topics. The team can gain better understanding and trust by being aware of sensitive issues and hearing other perspectives and anonymous suggestions. 

Another benefit of an anonymous suggestion box is that it allows employees to privately raise sensitive concerns. This can be done in their own time, on their own terms, and without fear of reprisal. This is particularly helpful when an issue has to do with an organization-wide problem that may be affecting many people, but which is not widely known and may not have been previously brought to management’s attention.

By allowing employees to initiate the conversation, organizations can have a better idea of where the problem lies and what steps need to be taken.

However, the nature of sensitive topics means it will take a bit of time for employees to feel secure, safe, and at ease sharing their concerns. This is why it’s important for managers to remain receptive, patient, and welcoming of these conversations.  

When asked what could make the process easier, respondents suggested:

- Adding a comment option in the anonymous suggestion box that allows employees to privately voice their concerns.

- Creating regular channels like direct feedback sessions or two-way feedback software that can be used by employees to have more open or direct conversations with management, without having to worry about being overheard by others.

- Encouraging employees to share their concerns about benefits or on-the-job issues, rather than just about leadership or management issues.

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  • Public brainstorming/ideation

The process of developing and communicating new ideas is called ideation. Creating a new process or organizational system can take many forms, from coming up with a new idea to combining multiple existing ones. Brainstorming is similar to ideation.

  • Public positive team shoutouts


We love these. These are our favorites! Acknowledging your team members for their hard work and effort every day is essential. Big companies worldwide are known to practice this. A good company example gives positive public shoutouts to the team and some individuals in some cases.  

The overall engagement of the team is essential for countless factors. There are things you can consider since these questions include everyone within the office, and it is essential to reflect on them by paying close attention to them to make a change for the better within the team or the whole company culture.  By empowering conscientious employees to contribute their full capabilities to improving the company, anonymous feedback is an effective tool for improving company culture.


Keep in mind that this is just one feature within Incognito for Slack; there are a lot of other features that your team would benefit from, including pulse surveys. They will help you boost your employee morale,

Learn more about the Anonymous Suggestion Box 

This might appear a bit complex to use in your Slack workspace, but it’s as simple as possible! Install the Incognito bot, and it automatically does all the setup! Try it out, and then introduce your new feedback flow to your team who are diverse and unique in their own ways.

When employees have the feeling that their management team cares about their opinions and listens to their fresh ideas, concerns, and suggestions makes people more engaged at work. Continuous improvement software helps employees stay engaged and productive by taking employee suggestions seriously and addressing them on an ongoing basis. This will improve your employee satisfaction encouraging them to be a part of initiatives with their active participation.

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There are two ways to create a suggestion box: online or in person. What are the benefits of implementing a suggestion box? You can use a suggestion box to boost employee engagement or your business, especially if your employees can remain anonymous. Employees can provide feedback on processes, benefits, working conditions, and managers. An entry-level employee at a large organization, for instance. With a fresh perspective, he or she may be able to identify inefficiencies or come up with new ideas for products or services. To avoid making waves and potentially irritating others, the new employee decides to hold back on sharing them.

One of the key differences between Incognito for Slack and other employee suggestion boxes is the ability to hold anonymous conversations. This initial suggestion often leads to more questions that would otherwise remain unanswered. Using anonymous chat, you can ask a follow-up question or anything else you need.

Anonymous Suggestion Box Conclusion

There are many good reasons to implement a suggestion box in your company. Suggestion box software allows for better organization of all your ideas, but the best part about a suggestion box is that it encourages employees to come forward with ideas and suggestions that they might not otherwise share. It also reduces the amount of anxiety felt by employees who are unsure if their ideas will be effective or useful, so they would rather keep their suggestions to themselves.

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A suggestion box software makes it easy for users to submit ideas and suggestions, but the real differences come in the reporting capabilities. Having this kind of reporting helps project managers to determine if there are any common threads in the ideas submitted by their team members. This can help you identify problem areas and address them before they become too big.

A suggestion box will help you get more out of your employees without requiring much from you. You don’t need to give them extra rewards or public recognition for coming forward with their ideas – just a good suggestion box that allows you to effectively collect and share information about your team members’ ideas will do.

You can learn more about how to use the Anonymous Suggestion Box guide made by our team. 

Check out our blog for more.

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