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How To Do Polls In Slack

How To Do Polls In Slack
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Your company grows by encouraging employees to speak up and offer insightful feedback. Many teams use Slack surveys and polls to solicit immediate, unpressured feedback. Users of polling tools, which frequently integrate with Slack, gain access to two significant advantages: highly engaged teams who know their opinions are valued and regular feedback that improves business decisions. 

Sending a quick survey can provide a wealth of insightful information. So, in this article, we'll explain some of the best ways involved in poll and survey creation. Also, we will guide you through anonymous slack polls and the best ways you can create them to use those anonymous polls to your benefit. 

The benefits of anonymous Slack polls 

Since remote and hybrid work is now the norm, it's critical to discover methods other than holding more virtual meetings to keep your teams' relationships strong. However, zoom fatigue may result from using too many of these.

You can use anonymous Slack polls to determine what your team members think about various policies, meetings, and other topics. Then, you may use that feedback to guide your decision-making to benefit the entire team. Teams using Slack receive messages and updates, so Slack surveys are informal, quiet, and simple to do anonymously.

Here are a few essential explanations for why Slack anonymous polls are beneficial:

  • First, they are simple to fill out, anonymous, and honest.
  • Second, sending out anonymous surveys regularly to teams has demonstrated that engagement increases dramatically.
  • Third, you'll boost the morale of your employees and provide them with a psychologically safe environment.
  • Finally, every Friday, you will get quick feedback you can act on. It doesn't get better than that! 

Incognito for Slack anonymous feedback use cases 

The Incognito for Slack app offers you a variety of ways you can benefit from it. But, first, ensure your team knows that their feedback matters, and you will act upon it by leading to a meaningful change.  

Anytime Feedback 

Start making bottom-up feedback straightforward. This feature will help you create meaningful changes within your team. 

Town Halls

  Gather town hall topics and questions before or during the call.

Check-ins regularly


Stay current on the latest tools and policies, workload capacity, and engagement.

Follow-ups on Meetings 

Identify follow-up questions, concerns, and suggestions following the meeting.

We will help you create a good company culture by making feedback a habit. By having some of the best features in the market, Incognito for Slack will engage your teams in sharing their thoughts on a specific day by incentivizing them. Our best advice for you would be to keep a routine, which will boost engagement and build the culture you aim for. 

The simple usage of this app will save you a lot of time when first showing the new tool they will be using. Nothing is complicated about it; you must type in Slack incognito and share your anonymous feedback. Allow your team to speak up; this will build their confidence! An animal alias will represent them. The anonymity will foster honesty and help you unfold and see things that usually remain unspoken. You won’t have to wait to collect feedback, and some matters require your immediate response. Listen to constructive feedback and respond to it anonymously. 

It is essential to consider before opening an anonymous pulse survey not to make your employees feel like their responses end up in a black hole. Instead, ask them to elaborate more on their answer and give more color to them. At Incognito for slack, we follow the three-step rule, always Listen, Respond, and React. Unlock all the high-value conversations you will have, and ask your team about everything, policy, flexibility, engagement, improvement, and the list goes on and on. 

We are making surveys fun and enjoyable again. Surveys do not have to be long and once or twice a year. The Incognito for Slack app is explicitly designed for Slack, so users don't have to click through multiple platforms. You'll improve your team's response rates if you value your team's feedback. After you finish the feedback process, you should never forget to reward your team for their honest feedback. At Incognito, we firmly believe that rewarding employees gives you a handful of many benefits, and that is why there are claps that you can use for that. 

Give away claps to your team for everything they have done and are continuously beyond grateful for being a part of your company or organization. 

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