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Free Standard Premium
Pulse checks/mo
A pulse check is a custom open or closed-ended question which you can send to your team.
3 10 Unlimited
Anytime feedbacks/mo
The number of times your team can send custom anonymous messages directly into the leadership slack channel.
5 50 Unlimited
The number of times leadership can reply directly to a specific user's feedback.
- 150 Unlimited
Admins can create pulse checks, export data, create anonymous message tags, and create a public feedback channel.
1 3 Unlimited
Alias refresh
On the 1st working day of every month all animal aliases are refreshed to preserve anonymity and increase engagement.
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Feedback Fridays
Build feedback into your team's weekly routine by creating custom messages that remind your team to share feedback on a specific day.
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Data exports & stats
Data Exports - All feedback can be exported as a CSV file
Stats - Receive a Slack message with engagement stats
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Public feedback moderation
When submitting anonymous feedback into a public feedback channel leadership can approve, deny, or reply privately to messages to ensure they're on-topic.
- - check mark
Control app access help
Limit app access to specific users by selecting channels or users.
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Google Sheets integration help
Pulse check and anytime feedback data can be synced into an automatically updated Google Sheet for easy sharing, analysis, and data upkeep.
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Priority support with Slack connect help
Join a 1 to 1 Slack connect channel with the Incognito team for quick support and best practices.
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Don't just take our word for it

Customer testimonial headshot
Stuart Lodge
Printavo - CFO

What started as anonymous feedback became an open discussion that led to a significant change for our business.

Customer testimonial headshot
Adam Bares
Data Clymer - Director of Employee Exp.

We got an 85% response rate on our first NPS pulse survey. Reaching our team in Slack has been very efficient!

Customer testimonial headshot
Layne Tisdel Martin
Data Index Solutions - People Ops Lead

I love the funny aliases (Taveuni silktail!) - it's really important (but easy to forget) to keep your sense of humor when sharing feedback.



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