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Peer Recognitions

Align your core values with recognition

Recognition and rewards.
Build closer and stronger teams

Celebrate your peers and core values everyday. Make it easy with a Slack-first platform!

Recognition chart
Take insights to the next level

Evaluate and measure your weakest and strongest company values.
Review how engaged your team is with one another.

Recognition table
Discover your superstars

Get insights into who is representing your company values. Who received the most claps over the quarter? Maybe they deserve an award!

Recognition and rewards.Recognition chartRecognition table
Create big smiles with small messages
Measure and strengthen culture with insights
Boost engagement by making recognition a habit

Let's start building a culture of appreciation

Make recognition a habit by bringing it into your communication hub
Rewards Intro
Give out claps, our fun point system, for your team to redeem custom rewards
Rewards cards.
Discover superstars, measure engagement and take action.
Chart cards.
Allocate a day for sharing
recognition & feedback
Feedback friday

Start spreading good vibes at work

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