💔 Discover Broken Moments in your employee exp (even when you’re short on time)

Capture your team’s emotions, find challenges fast and solve them faster!

Survey smarter, not harder

In Slack surveys

Boost participation sending surveys where your team works - In Slack!

Set surveys on autopilot

Schedule surveys and reminders automatically so you can focus your time on other things that matter!

Your HR (AI) Assistant

Our AI analyzes your feedbacks and suggests appropriate questions to ask


Don’t just ask.
Listen & respond

Stop employees from feeling like their answers are falling into a “black hole
Want more engagement? Make them feel heard. Listen. Respond. React.

Stay in the loop,
with your HR Assistant

Personalized Slack messages to keep you in the loop Automate exec report building
Use these reports to get exec buy-in and make decisions
AI Survey assistant

Not sure what to ask? Use your AI Survey assistant

Short on time?
Your AI Assistant will analyze trending feedback themes and recommend which questions to ask!

How company culture
shapes employee motivation

Measure the pulse of your organization

Measure the pulse of your organization

Measure the pulse of your organization

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