How To Collect Anonymous Employee Feedback

How To Collect Anonymous Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is the key to creating a more substantial employee experience. Who can offer better advice than your employees? We understand the importance of anonymous employee feedback reaching its highest levels. However, once employees get a taste of what it is like to fill out an anonymous survey, it is hard to go back to regular surveys. 


This article will guide you through some exciting ways to collect anonymous feedback. Hopefully, you will better understand how to manage anonymous employee feedback. 

Anonymous Employee Feedback 

The best way to collect employee feedback is by selecting your teams simultaneously, focusing on creating or shifting the existing business into a good company culture that is employee wellness-focused and has an improved feedback culture. We will break this down into some selections you should consider before making the employee feedback. To collect anonymous feedback, you need to know what kind of culture your company has, what feedback you will get from this feedback, are your team open to feedback. 

In case your team is new and you, as a leader or manager, have decided to create a feedback culture, this is the best time to start doing that because of apps like Incognito for Slack, not only will you get feedback, but you will also be inspired by the features that the app offers to make sure feedback culture better. Keep in mind that when creating a survey, you need to ensure that the survey is short and clear.

How To Ask Employees For Anonymous Feedback

When you ask for anonymous feedback, you must ensure that your employees are completely comfortable giving honest answers. 

Here are some tips:

  • Offer employees options of which platforms they would prefer to use. How likely are they to trust the anonymity and security of these platforms?

  • Tell them that even if they don’t have feedback, simply submitting a survey will still tell you what they think about the organization and its policies.

  • Set up a mechanism for people to voluntarily drop out of the survey without repercussions if it’s too uncomfortable.

  • If possible, end your request with a reminder that everything in the survey is confidential.

Collecting anonymous employee feedback


Here you have ways to collect anonymous employee feedback. 

Sending out Feedback Fridays to new employees 

For an employee's general engagement and work satisfaction, the first 90 days at new employment are essential. Send them a recent anonymous employee survey to find out about their first experience working for the company. Be sure to take the best actions for your company culture and employee onboarding program.

Ask the new employee how they're adapting, whether they feel accepted on the team and whether they think their objectives are acceptable. As you receive feedback through Incognito for Slack, keep notes. For example, ask new hires about manager relationships if they cause a high 90-day turnover rate. You can also use an anonymous feedback questionnaire to collect anonymous employee feedback.

Anonymous Pulse Surveys

How likely would you recommend working at [Company] to a friend or family member? When the employee selects a number between 1-10, ask, "Why did you choose that number?" Rather than waiting for engagement surveys, a near-real-time open-ended question could provide helpful feedback. 

Compared to employee engagement anonymous surveys, anonymous pulse surveys are shorter, quicker to complete, and more frequent. For example, some businesses will perform pulse surveys weekly with 1-3 questions, while others will do it monthly with 4-5 questions. This can be a fantastic chance to measure employee satisfaction and receive relevant feedback regularly.

Free-form feedback at any time for leadership

Communicate how to submit free-form feedback from within your company's communication platform. This way, all employees can request it anytime they want. There are many ways of giving anonymous feedback. 

Free-form feedback at any time for HR/Directors/DEI (teams other than leadership)

This one is similar to the one mentioned above; Incognito for Slack gives you multiple choices when sending feedback. With our app, you will never be limited. 

Public Q&A gathering before a big call so everyone can vote on questions.

This is a great way to prepare for an upcoming meeting. It’s a way to ensure that your employees are on the same page with their questions and, at the same time, allow them to vote so you can gather data on the most critical topics. A bonus of collecting questions before a call is using them as part of your plan. 

It can also be a way for employees to adjust the structure of your meeting, e.g., from an extensive brainstorming session to two smaller ones. Another advantage is scheduling it right and reminding everyone by sending out the questions. These are just a few examples of how you can use the Q&A feature in Incognito for Slack, but there are many more ways you can use it in your organization or team. 

We encourage you to experiment, see what works best for you, and watch your engagement rate rise as people feel more involved and willing to share their ideas and feedback!

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